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Do I have to register or pay to play?
No. There is no cost to play. Every item in the game can be obtained without any payment. You are not permitted to enter a round if this type of game is restricted in your country or region.

What's the catch?
There is no catch. We are trying to determine if small cash prizes will increase the number of players of MazEpic. Rather than putting money in advertising (which is ineffective at the level we can afford), we are giving the cash to players instead.

Why can't I download the game from Google Play?
Google Play's policy does not permit games that give cash prizes. Therefore we have no choice but to provide the game outside of Google Play.

How do I install it on my Android phone?
You'll need to choose the Android download button above. You'll then need to open the download and then click on the download to install it. You may have to change your security setting to allow installations from "Unknown sources". Be sure to reset that setting after. Uninstall the previous version first if you cannot complete installation.

Where can I find $ cubes?
First check for the $ cube indicator on top or bottom of the screen when you start a game. That indicates that one is available. In the Epic game, you'd find one in the wall after level 5. In the Kids game, you'd find one somewhere in the maze. In the Race and Tilt games, you'd find one at the maze exit.

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