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How long can you last in the Epic Infinite Maze? With only one true path, you'll have to be quick and nimble to survive. Or you can just blow holes in the walls, if nimble isn't your style. If you've played Tetris, Flappy Bird, Crossy Road, and other endless runner games, you've got to try this one.


Includes 4 different games with a multiplayer race.*
*Web version does not support multiplayer


Compete against the computer in a fast, fun race to the top of a random maze, complete with spells and charms to make things interesting.


Select from a variety of cool characters with different abilities.


Navigate a random maze to find 30 lost kids before nightfall.
Drink and collect milk for speed boosting energy.


Test your steady hands in Tilt. Solve a random maze by tilting your device to roll your player around. Requires ultimate patience and finesse to collect the grand prize!


Collect cubes throughout the game to acquire power-ups, new characters, and unlock levels.

Web version is completely free and contains no ads. For Android/iOS, everything in the game is attainable without any purchases! Optionally you can choose to watch an ad to extend a game, increase your prize, or unlock a level or character temporarily. In-app purchase allow you to obtain anything instantly.

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